Tips to Download Android Games

If you’re using Android, you can play a variety of games, from a simple game to a high definition game (HD). A high definition game is very appealing to players because of its near-3D graphics. When you download a particular game or app in APK format, you may be surprised to discover the size of a gigantic installation file. In some cases, game installation files may be larger than 2GB. To overcome the size of the app, some games provide cache in OBB format. This cache is the additional data required for the game or app to run. You can easily install / cached apps with cache, even if your phone does not have root access.

Tips to Download Android Games

Open a web browser on an Android phone. Any app store does not allow you to download games and cache so you need to find a game on a custom site.

Find the game you want by writing the game name in the address bar, followed by “apk download”. For example, if you want to download Temple Run Oz, enter “Temple Run OZ apk download”. After entering a keyword, press Enter on the virtual keyboard, or tap the magnifying glass button on the screen.

Select APK file provider site. In the search results, you’ll find sites that provide games with APK formats, such as or Tap one of the search results to access the game download page.

Look for the Download button. Most APK provider sites place the Download button at the bottom of the page, following a guide to download the file. To prevent annoying ads, install ad blockers on your phone.

Read the guide before downloading the file. If the game you want is available in APK and OBB format, the APK provider site will display a guide to download and run the file. Generally, this guide is at the top of the Download button.

Download the game file by tapping the Download button. Generally, game files will be compressed in ZIP / RAR form, and stored in the Downloads folder.

If the APK and OBB files need to be downloaded separately, find and tap the Download button for the APK file first, then find and tap the Download button for the OBB file.

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