Create a healthy inside the house to overcome sinus infection symptoms

Create a healthy and beautiful environment inside the house to overcome sinus infection symptoms such as below:

  • Free house from cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke is the main substance that should be avoided for people with sinusitis. Not only sinusitis, cigarettes have various negative impacts on the body. If there are family members who smoke, you better advise him to smoke outside the home. Better still if you advise him to quit smoking. Also, keep your home away from items that smell strongly like hairspray, cleaning products, and the like.

  • Keep the room moist

Keep the air inside the house not too dry or too damp. Dust mites usually like to be in places where humidity levels are over 50 percent. For those of you who are allergic to dust mites, it will definitely worsen the sinuses. Not only that, the room is too humid also encourages for the development of mushrooms.

  • Open the vent inside the house

Closing the house tightly makes the air in the room becomes not fresh. Make an air vents, can be shaped several windows. If you already have it, open all windows especially in the morning. Let the morning sunshine clean the air inside your house. But do not open the house when a lot of pollen and dust flutter.

  • Diligently bathing the pets

If you keep pets at home, should bathe the pets once a week. Animals that are rarely cleaned, tend to keep lice and dandruff that can worsen the sinus condition especially if you are allergic to it. Although difficult, you should reduce direct contact with pets at night.