The Principle Of Healthy Fusion Tips

Eating healthy fusion foods is one of the things that must be done to maintain a healthy body. Not only are the benefits, healthy food also has a good impact on your daily mood. Anything, anyway, a healthy diet to keep your body fit? Should you follow the rules of the 4 healthy 5 perfect foods that have been legendary since the first time? Let’s look at the following explanation

Maybe the principle of healthy fusion has become a slogan that keeps ringing in your memory. This slogan you might also have memorized since childhood. However, did you know that the slogan is no longer used now?

Here are the reasons why the healthy fusion slogans are deemed inappropriate and eventually replaced with the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines.

Just eating healthy is not enough

In the past, maybe you thought if you want to live a healthy life then you live to fulfill the principle of eating healthy fusion. This means that every meal must have staple food, side dishes consisting of animal protein and vegetable protein, vegetables, fruit, and milk as a perfect ingredient.

In fact, food is not the only determinant of your health status. Just choosing healthy foods is not enough to maintain your overall fitness and health.

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