How to Keep Your Bird House Tidy?

Know if your bird’s wings need regular tidying up. For some bird species, such as parrots, it is very important to avoid a fatal accident when flying indoors or in a cage. Talk to your veterinarian about this need and find someone skilled at doing it if bird feathers really need to be trimmed. Tidying bird feathers aims to limit the ability to fly, not to prevent birds from flying, and the feathers to be trimmed are only primary feathers, so tidying your bird feathers should know what to do.

Claws should also be trimmed, especially for more mature birds. Usually claws are not groomed for small birds, because they need them to perch. However, adult parrot claws should be cut. Ask your veterinarian to explain how to do it safely because if you do not know how, you can hurt the bird and cause bleeding

You must close the window curtain, roll the cables, close the toilet, ensure the heating of the room has been disabled, and ensure the fireplace is closed (let the bird fly in a closed place). Most birds take time out of the cage. This should always be watched and the place should be safe.

Tips on how to build a proper bird house

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