How Does PointClickCare Login Works?

As software designed to help seniors living a better life, PointClickCare is an Electronic Health Record or EHR which uses a cloud to store information. Information related to care delivery management, marketing, business intelligence and analytics, financial management, and quality and compliance are well-provided in the software. However, to be able to access all modules, customers need to do PointClickCare Login.

The procedure of Point Click Care Login

It is easy to log in to the software. Customers can access the login page using the following browsers: Apple Safari, Mozilla-Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The following steps show how easy the procedure is:

  • Open selected internet browser
  • Enter the login page, which is
  • There will be two columns which you have to fill in, username and password. In username, insert the organization prefix, then a period and then the username, for instance, edu.amyp
  • To avoid forgetting the username, which can lead to another problem, click remember my org prefix
  • After username is filled, the password should be filled in too. In this case, it is whatever you think is secured enough to protect your account.
  • Lastly, click login to enter the home page of point click care.

The procedure above will take customers to point click care home page to start operating the software. Actually, there are some tips and trick regarding options available on the page. There is ‘Bookmark this Login Page’ which allows customers to keep the page favorite. However, if there are some troubles when logging in, easily click ‘Login Trouble’ to read the guidance on fixing login issues and error messages. Moreover, for safety, the web page will be disabled for a couple of minutes after several unsuccessful attempts detected. If customers want to reset the password, it can only be done by contacting ‘CareServ Helpdesk’ to make password changes.

The Importance of Pointclickcare Login CNA Web Project


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