Amazing Benefits of Vitamin C that You Should Know

Vitamin C is a vitamin that is often found in citrus fruits and some other healthy foods. It has long been known that vitamin C can prevent the coming of canker sores, colds disease, or boost your immune system. But apparently, there are several other benefits of vitamin C is rarely known.

Here are other amazing benefits of vitamin C you should know:

  1. Reduce the risk of heart attack

Vitamin C is able to eliminate atherosclerosis in the heart. Atherosclerosis is a condition in which your heart arteries thicken and can increase heart attack because your blood becomes not smooth.

  1. Controlling blood pressure

High blood pressure is a dangerous disease and can cause sudden death in people who suffer from it. Eating vitamin C with a recommended dose on a regular basis can reduce blood pressure and heart and kidney damage.

  1. Avoid from the risk of asthma

A study shows that people who suffer from asthma usually have less amount of vitamin C in their body. Therefore, taking vitamin C every day can reduce shortness of breath.

  1. Combating cancer and reducing the effects of chemotherapy

Many studies have proven that vitamin C can fight cancer in several stages. Not only that, vitamin C can also minimize the effects of chemotherapy such as nausea.

  1. Reduce risk of diabetes

Vitamin C is useful for lowering sugar levels in the body and helps prevent the adverse effects of diabetes on the sufferer. Replace your sweet snack with citrus fruits or other fruits containing vitamin C.

  1. Reduce cramps after exercise

Vitamin C can reduce the pain or cramps that usually occur after you exercise. Vitamin C is also capable of reducing the production of free radicals.

  1. Vitamin C proved to save a lot of health benefits that are rarely known by many people. So, there’s no reason not to consume it?

Benefits of vitamin C may include protection against immune system deficiencies

How Does PointClickCare Login Works?

As software designed to help seniors living a better life, PointClickCare is an Electronic Health Record or EHR which uses a cloud to store information. Information related to care delivery management, marketing, business intelligence and analytics, financial management, and quality and compliance are well-provided in the software. However, to be able to access all modules, customers need to do PointClickCare Login.

The procedure of Point Click Care Login

It is easy to log in to the software. Customers can access the login page using the following browsers: Apple Safari, Mozilla-Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The following steps show how easy the procedure is:

  • Open selected internet browser
  • Enter the login page, which is
  • There will be two columns which you have to fill in, username and password. In username, insert the organization prefix, then a period and then the username, for instance, edu.amyp
  • To avoid forgetting the username, which can lead to another problem, click remember my org prefix
  • After username is filled, the password should be filled in too. In this case, it is whatever you think is secured enough to protect your account.
  • Lastly, click login to enter the home page of point click care.

The procedure above will take customers to point click care home page to start operating the software. Actually, there are some tips and trick regarding options available on the page. There is ‘Bookmark this Login Page’ which allows customers to keep the page favorite. However, if there are some troubles when logging in, easily click ‘Login Trouble’ to read the guidance on fixing login issues and error messages. Moreover, for safety, the web page will be disabled for a couple of minutes after several unsuccessful attempts detected. If customers want to reset the password, it can only be done by contacting ‘CareServ Helpdesk’ to make password changes.

The Importance of Pointclickcare Login CNA Web Project


Create a healthy inside the house to overcome sinus infection symptoms

Create a healthy and beautiful environment inside the house to overcome sinus infection symptoms such as below:

  • Free house from cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke is the main substance that should be avoided for people with sinusitis. Not only sinusitis, cigarettes have various negative impacts on the body. If there are family members who smoke, you better advise him to smoke outside the home. Better still if you advise him to quit smoking. Also, keep your home away from items that smell strongly like hairspray, cleaning products, and the like.

  • Keep the room moist

Keep the air inside the house not too dry or too damp. Dust mites usually like to be in places where humidity levels are over 50 percent. For those of you who are allergic to dust mites, it will definitely worsen the sinuses. Not only that, the room is too humid also encourages for the development of mushrooms.

  • Open the vent inside the house

Closing the house tightly makes the air in the room becomes not fresh. Make an air vents, can be shaped several windows. If you already have it, open all windows especially in the morning. Let the morning sunshine clean the air inside your house. But do not open the house when a lot of pollen and dust flutter.

  • Diligently bathing the pets

If you keep pets at home, should bathe the pets once a week. Animals that are rarely cleaned, tend to keep lice and dandruff that can worsen the sinus condition especially if you are allergic to it. Although difficult, you should reduce direct contact with pets at night.

Piyo Workout Reviews Based on Experience

Right off the bat, the PiYo exercise comprises of eight simple to-take after exercises, which are given on three DVDs. These incorporate Align: The Fundamentals; Define: Lower Body, Sweat, Core; Define: Upper Body, Strength Intervals, Drench, and Sculpt. A Quick Start Guide and PiYo 60-Day Calendar are likewise included.

The program includes Pilates for muscle chiseling, yoga for adaptability and ceaseless smooth motion for calorie consuming. Essentially take after the schedule every day to advance weight reduction. The cost of PiYo is three regularly scheduled installments of $19.95, in addition to $12.95 for transportation and taking care of.

Piyo Workout Reviews and Experience

PiYo practice was first discharged in the mid year of 2014, and it is accessible on the official site. It’s additionally sold on significant sites, for example, Amazon. We do value BeachBody’s great BBB rating and the way that this exercise framework advances general exercise. This exercise have been done by many people and is widely known as the success workout program for diet, based on the Piyo workout reviews.

Therefore for those who want to lose some weight in flash, this workout can be one choice for losing weight, as well as shaping body and to gain abs. The kit also included with meal plan, which will guide you to do the proper diet by consuming proteins and decreasing the carbohydrate.

If that is very effective, then is there are side effect from this workout? There don’t appear to be any symptoms. Be that as it may, there is dependably a danger of damage on the off chance that you don’t appropriately play out the activities, or try too hard. Make a point to extend when exercises and drink a lot of water. Look for exhortation from your specialist before beginning on the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning potential Piyo reactions.