The impact of the digital era in children watching movies

Parental care patterns today experience a challenge that is quite severe, especially in terms of too long digital contact to children. As a digital generation, which is often referred to as digital native, those who are familiar with electronic and digital media since birth, while we as parents are digital immigrants, individuals who were born before the advent of digital technology. As parents we are expected to be able to stem the bad influence of the digital era but also not deny the potential benefits provided from this digital age.

  1. Children’s eye health

The eye is the most important organ after the ear. In child development, the information they get first from the ear, then from the eyes then balanced with the speech function. Exposure that is too excessive for the eye will cause poor vision. Although some screen features can be set to determine contrast, bright and others, it still cannot counteract the bad effects on the eye.

  1. Postpone language development

Age 0 to 3 years are golden ages where all the information absorbed at this time will be the foundation in their lives later. It is not uncommon to find toddlers who are late in talking because of lack of stimulation from their caregivers. The process of receiving information from an electronic device is only one-way information. Toddlers are not taught to respond to the information they get from the spectacle they see. Unlike the parenting process which involves direct interaction between toddlers and their caregivers, toddlers will be encouraged and assisted to be able to recite to say various vocabulary words in their mother tongue.

  1. Sleep problems

Child sleep problems can occur because of two things. First, because too much time sees entertainment on a digital screen. Second, the impact caused by the content of entertainment they see. Now it will be easier for us to meet the spectacle that is full of hostility, revenge, adult scenes and violence. This will directly affect the child’s thinking process which results in the disruption of their sleep.

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The nocturnal asthma

People affected by nocturnal asthma will experience asthma symptoms at night. Various symptoms of night asthma are shortness of breath, heavy breathing, coughing and difficulty sleeping. Although an asthma attack will occur at night, sometimes it will also occur during the day. This type of asthma is one of the asthma that can cause death.

Many people affected by nocturnal asthma have very good health at first. Even various asthma symptoms that accompany nocturnal asthma look very ordinary. Because of this, many sufferers who do not realize are actually affected by nocturnal asthma. The following are the causes of nocturnal asthma.

  • Increasing allergens that occur continuously such as dust, air conditioning machines and poor environmental conditions
  • Hormones that work on the discharge tract do not function properly, causing changes in the function of the respiratory tract
  • Wrong sleeping position. A lying or supine position is the most common trigger. This position causes pressure on the respiratory tract, lungs and decreased lung function.

Basically there are no special drugs to treat nocturnal asthma. But various types of asthma drugs for other types of asthma are very effective for this type of asthma. In addition, because this asthma will attack at night the sufferer should always be close to an inhaler or spray tool for asthma.

The exact cause of asthma from this type of disease is unknown. But it can be triggered by allergies, air pollution, respiratory infections, emotions, weather conditions, sulfites in certain foods and medicines. Common symptoms include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness.

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